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Jonathan Gold Heralds Pizzeria Mozza's Newly Launched Brunch

Breakfast pizzas for the win.

Pizzeria Mozza
Pizzeria Mozza
Elizabeth Daniels


In a fortuitous addition to Eater LA's ongoing breakfast week, today Jonathan Gold reveals that Pizzeria Mozza has begun brunch service. The Times critic, who discloses that he is a friend of the Mozza founder Nancy Silverton, explains that while brunch isn't a part of traditional Italian culture, Silverton introduced the concept of Italian breakfast to LA at La Brea Bakery back in the early 90s.

At Pizzeria Mozza, the extremely tight brunch menu begins with morning pastries like jam bombolini then relies heavily on the restaurant's wood-burning oven. The Goldster reports there's brisket hash and fried egg-topped eggplant cooked with spicy tomatoes, but the heart of the menu, of course, centers around breakfast pizzas. At brunch, the iconic pizza restaurant serves its pies topped with things like gravlax and bacon and eggs.

Pizzeria Mozza is now open for brunch Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

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Pizzeria Mozza

800 West Coast Highway, , CA 92663 (949) 945-1126 Visit Website