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Mega Bodega Ups the Craft Beer and Coffee Game in Downtown

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A new South Park player has emerged.

Mega Bodega, Downtown
Mega Bodega, Downtown
Mega Bodega

Oddly enough, the first chance you might get to notice Mega Bodega, the all-day coffee and craft beer space that soft opened this week in Downtown, is when it’s closed. That’s because the big metal roll door out front is particularly painted so that, when shuttered, the building looks suspiciously like Capcom video game legend Mega Man.

Hence the name of the place — Mega Bodega — which is now serving specialty morning coffee, a light array of food options, and craft beer come dinner time. Sitting firmly in the growing southern slice of Downtown, a block south of the Ace Hotel on Broadway, the blonde wood shop is tidy and almost elegant, were it not so spare. A run of stools wrap around the wood bar, some benches and small blocks take over one corner, and two and four-tops fill out the right-side wall as it runs towards the back. There’s some out front seating as well, boxed in by more blonde wood and a touch of lighting.

Of course the place is built this way by design, partly as a stylish den for simple things and partly out of necessity. This is a one-man operation run by Scott Kroha, so having a place too big, with too much going on, just wouldn’t be feasible. Kroha models much of the inspiration for Mega Bodega after the easygoing coffee shops and bars of Sydney, Australia, where espresso drinks thrive. He’s also spent time in San Diego, so the craft beer connection feels like a natural one.

Mega Bodega

For now, Mega Bodega is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., though that timeline is in flux as small kinks get worked out and neighborhood demand continues to grow. Bodega also has a takeaway license on site, which means eventually Kroha might just start selling bottles for locals to leave with. Until then it’s all about sitting down, grabbing a drink, and chatting. Oh, and there’s Wifi too if you need it.

Mega Bodega
1001 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA

Mega Bodega

1001 South Broadway, , CA 90015 Visit Website

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