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Korean-Based Milkcow Drops Soft Serve and Coffee Into Sweets-Loving Los Feliz

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Coming this spring.

Los Feliz is about to get yet another injection of coffee and ice cream, with the impending arrival of Milkcow , a Korean-based sweets and pick-me-up franchise that’s looking to gain a foothold in Southern California. Currently the only other stateside location is up in the Bay Area, though this particular LA neighborhood is already inundated with dessert options and coffee shops galore.

Working a menu of whole milk ice cream favorites, Milkcow hopes to become a simple soft serve antidote to the likes of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, which sits just steps away but has been plagued in the past year with on-and-off issues of listeria. There are honeycomb options like LA’s Honeymee chain, a wide variety of espresso drinks, and a small collection of pastries to boot. Their only other presumed competition on Hillhurst, Gelato Bar, already called it quits a while ago.

The address for Milkcow is 1946 Hillhurst Avenue, right next to the healthy-eating Mustard Seed. The space has already been leased, and insiders say the shop’s arrival could be just a few months away.

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