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Euro Caffe, a True Italian Espresso Bar, Relocates in Beverly Hills

With newcomer Oro Caffe taking over its old location.

New Euro Caffe Location
New Euro Caffe Location

Beverly Hills denizens were given quite a scare when Euro Caffe, the soccer futbol-playing eatery on S Santa Monica Blvd just one block from Rodeo Drive, posted a for lease sign on its papered up windows. Not to fear though, the 13-year-old cafe with strong European vibes is merely relocating to The Courtyard at 427 N. Canon Dr.

In its place comes the oddly similarly named Oro Caffe, reports Toddrickallen. Could Oro be related to the Italian Keurig-esque Italian brand? Time will tell. Those impatiently waiting for the new Euro Caffe to open can find solace at its second location in West Hollywood located at 8833 W Sunset Blvd.