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Hot Dog On A Stick Hawks $0.70 Original Dogs Every Tuesday in March

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That's a 78% discount for all the meat-on-a-stick lovers out there.

Original Hot Dog On A Stick
Original Hot Dog On A Stick

Attention corn dog fiends, Hot Dog On A Stick is celebrating the brand's 70th anniversary with a crazy delicious deal every Tuesday in March. Party like it's 1946 with $0.70 original turkey hot dogs on a stick with its "Take Me Back Tuesday" promotion.

What's more? Customers will even receive a buy one get one coupon for any menu item during their next visit. It's not a bad deal for those looking for a quick bite near any of the Southern California locations. Heck, it may even be worth a trip to the original Santa Monica shack for a nostalgic bite served from those colorfully capped employees.

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Hot Dog on a Stick

1633 Ocean Front Walk, , CA 90401 (310) 395-4673 Visit Website