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Daniel Patterson Headlines UCLA's Public Science and Food Lecture

Time to bust our your inner nerd.

There are many things that make us wish we were back in college. Chief among them are courses like UCLA's Science and Food. Luckily for LA-dwelling post-grads, the course helmed by physicist Amy Rowat, who worked on a similar series at Harvard, will offer three public lectures, one on March 8, May 11, and a third date that is TBD, reports the Times.

In years past, Rowat has brought plenty of high caliber chefs to campus, with the likes of David Chang, Rene Redzepi, Alice Waters, and Wylie Dufresne gracing the UCLA stage. This year is no different, with chef Daniel Patterson of SF's Coi and LA's very own LocoL headlining the first lecture of the series "The Impact of What We Eat: From Science and Technology, to Eating Local," along with Kent Kirshenbaum of NYU and Paul B. Thompson of Michigan State University.

The second lecture, "Microbes: From Your Food to your Brain," will be led by James Beard Award-winning author and "fermentation guru" Sandor Katz, UC San Diego's Rachel Dutton, and UCLA's Elaine Hsiao.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from the UCLA Central Ticket Office in person or over the phone at 310-825-2101. Tickets can also be purchased from Ticketmaster with an additional fee. More information here.


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