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This Robot Will Shave Fresh Noodles for You at Shanxi Noodle House

Our Jetsons days have arrived.

Shanzi Noodle Robot
Shanzi Noodle Robot
Jim Thurman

Housemade noodles have become quite vogue in Los Angeles, with places like Bestia, Cento Pasta Bar, and Bucato (may it RIP) hand rolling, extruding, and slicing delicious Italian variations. Well, Shanxi Noodle House, a new restaurant in a City of Industry strip mall, is eschewing the trend by offering the polar opposite: sliced noodles made by the restaurant's very own robot, reports the Weekly.

Apparently noodle-making robots a la Jetsons are common in China. Sadly, so is the tradition of not naming the thing, meaning the Shanxi robot is currently unnamed (although we're voting for Rosie). The Weekly-coined #NOODLEBOT operates by rapidly spinning its robotic arm, shaving strips of noodles from a loaf of dough placed in front of it. The noodles are collected then cooked in a variety of hard to find regional dishes.

On the menu are dishes like Pingyao-style marinated beef, a pickled corned beef-esque appetizer from the walled city in Shanzi Province; crepe-like mung bean noodles; and, of course, a whole slew of dishes featuring those starchy, robot-made noodles.

Shanxi Noodle House
18219 Gale Ave.
City of Industry