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Summer Rolls Opening Flagship Store in Temple City, and More SGV Updates

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Huge Tree Pastry on hiatus, Liang's Kitchen finally changes its name, more.

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) Temple City: Summer Rolls's 2,010-square feet mothership inside the brand new Carmelia Square is coming along nicely. Beer taps are in (though beer and wine license is still pending), exterior signage is up, and the 300-square feet outdoor beer garden looks to be ready for some craft beer sipping along and goi cuon wrapping. Expect a Spring opening of this stunning, sunny space which should be a game changer for the beer lovers in the area. 5728 Rosemead Blvd #100

2) Monterey  Park: Huge Tree Pastry is taking currently on an emergency family leave. The Liu family will return on March 8. In the meantime, here are some other Chinese breakfast in the SGV.

The Memory Restaurant, San Gabriel The Memory Restaurant, San Gabriel

3) San Gabriel: The Memory Restaurant finally looks ready for its debut. It was not taken over by Huo Zhou Wang as previously stated, it was simply mired in construction delays. The butcher paper is down, and the spicy fish pot restaurant should be opening any day now. 128 W Valley, #C

Shang Jie, Monterey Park

4) Monterey Park: Shang Jie Kitchenthought to be opening next to Liang's Kitchen Monterey Park, is actually just Liang's Kitchen. Liang's has hung another poster next to the brand new building signage, advising customers the menu will remain.  But they plan to finally ditch the "Liang's Kitchen" brand and going with "Shang Jie" Kitchen instead. 788 S Atlantic.

5) Monterey Park: Instead of Shang Jie Kitchen, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice (with branches on Sawtelle and Downtown) is now under construction. 786 S. Atlantic.

Summer Rolls

5728 Rosemead Boulevard, , CA 91780 (626) 872-2899