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Square Ice Brings Healthy(ish) Dessert to East Hollywood's Virgil Village

Right across from SQIRL.

Great news for SQIRL addicts: Square Ice, a healthy dessert retailer, has set up shop right across from the jam-on-toast mecca. On offer are a slew of gelatos and gluten-free cookies and brownies.

The tiny storefront that opened last week comes by way of Efren Briseno, who sold organic fruit from a pushcart on the corner of Virgil Ave and Marathon before converting the smoke shop on 755 North Virgil Ave into his dessert store.

The seasonal menu of gelato currently includes flavors such as vegan strawberry custard, dairy-free coconut gelato, dairy-free raspberry chip sorbetto, and mint chip gelato. The frozen treat can also be topped with fresh fruit straight from the farmer's market and artisanal apricot jam.

There's also gluten-free cookies and brownies made with honey or sugarcane juice for those needing a quick snack to sustain themselves during those crazy SQIRL lines.

All in all, Square Ice should be a wholesome addition to the area that will be especially welcome as temperatures begin to turn up. Square Ice is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

Square Ice
755 North Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles, CA