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Forage Chef Jason Kim Begins Work on Second Silver Lake Space

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The Nicky D's space won't be anything like Forage.

Though it’s been languishing for some time now, it seems that all of a sudden there’s new life at Nicky D’s, the Rowena Avenue pizza spot in Silver Lake that shuttered back in 2013. Even then the world knew that Forage chef/owner Jason Kim would be taking over, but only now in 2016 has anyone seen much more than papered over windows and an empty parking lot.

There’s certainly work being done these days, though Kim can’t say exactly what the new restaurant will look (or taste) like just yet. Instead, Kim notes the newcomer will be a far cry from his Forage concept, which leans towards the healthy-eating, vegetable-focused New American side of things. One detail that is for certain: he’s keeping the wood-fired pizza oven from the previous owner, which should make for something interesting.

Over at The Eastsider, some pulled permits show plans for a beer and wine license, with proposed daily hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and up until 11 p.m. on weekends. In some filings the name of the restaurant is listed as Uncle J’s, though that too seems tentative.

Mostly, Kim says, he’s focused on bringing back the charm of the original building (patio and all), which may well serve as a guiding principle for the menu and cuisine further on down the road. Until then, Silver Lake will just have to wait.

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