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Seafood Palace Still Closed, JJ Bakery Expands Wildly, Plus More SGV Updates

Sichuan soups and hot pots is the Chinese poke bowl in SGV.

1) Monterey Park: Seafood Palace (formerly Seafood Village) which suffered a massive fire late last December, still looks to be closed. The building has been marked unsafe by the fire department, and is probably not re-opening anytime soon. It's unfortunate as the two-store restaurant recently received a great review from Mr. Gold back in November. Management is directing all diners to its Las Tunas Blvd location instead. 684 W Garvey Ave

2) Temple City: JJ Bakery has opened in the same plaza as the defunct Guppy House. JJ, a Taiwanese bakery and restaurant, originated in East SGV's Hacienda Heights and is distinctly Taiwanese. JJ Squared, the recently opened "Asian" bakery in Koreatown, is the first branch of the brand to open outside of the SGV. 5755 Rosemead Blvd

Shang Jie, Monterey Park

3) Monterey Park: Shang Jie Kitchen is coming soon next to Liang's Kitchen. This will be a noodle shop featuring slow braised lamb noodle soups from Henan Province. 788 S Atlantic

Daiki, Monterey Park

4) Monterey Park: Daiki Sushi has opened next to E&J Yummy. The neighborhood is excited for a cheap sushi joint, but this one is completely Chinese owned and operated. 728 S. Atlantic Blvd

5) El Monte: Corner Beef Noodle House, the Taiwanese beef noodle soup specialist, is closed Feb 1 to Feb 29 due to unspecified reasons. It will reopen March 1.

Boiling Hot, San Gabriel

6) San Gabriel: He's Kitchen has reopened as Boiling Hot after a few months of revamp. Exterior English signage remains unchanged. The concept is eerily similar to H.O.T. Spicy Kitchen in Monterey Park. 529 E. Valley Blvd #138B

Street Party, San Gabriel

7) San Gabriel: Tay Ho, the Vietnamese banh cuon specialist, has been replaced by Street Party, a hodgepodge of  a restaurant featuring both a Taiwanese menu as well as Sichuanese spicy pots. This is the third Sichuanese spicy soup restaurant to open in West SGV in as many months. 1039 E Valley Blvd Ste B103