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Bengees Ice Cream Brings the Funky Scoops to Pasadena

Plus interesting vegan flavors from Divine Dips

Just in time for a this early spring heat wave, Bengees Ice Cream Crafters officially opened March 12 in Pasadena just off South Lake Avenue. Food service newcomer Foulay Saelor started the minimalist shop as a one-stop destination for classic and vegan ice cream. Bengees' ice cream case is full of flavors as diverse as Southern California including matcha green tea, horchata, churro, taro, nutella, and black sesame. The shop also pays homage to classics like pistachio and Dutch chocolate.

Bengees, an ode to Saelor's nickname and his son Benjamin, has also been scooping four to five rotating vegan flavors from vendor Divine Dips. Recently, they've served Thai tea, infinite mint (mint chip), chocolate raspberry truffle, caffe no lait, and amaretto almond trio. Divine Dips' vegan ice cream is made with coconut and nut milks, adding to the area's vegan street cred, with Real Food Daily directly next door and Veggie Grill nearby on South Lake Avenue.

Bengees Ice Cream 2

The shop serves ice cream by way of cup, sugar, or waffle cone, or as a "Bengee" —sandwiched between a homemade cronut. The cronuts are in limited daily number for now, depending on customer response, so stop by early for a double culinary mashup.

Bengees is open daily from noon to 10 p.m.

901 E. Del Mar Blvd
Pasadena, CA