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Michael Cimarusti Debuts Cape Seafood and Provisions Next Week on Fairfax

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A sustainable seafood shop for the masses

Inside Cape Seafood and Provisions, Fairfax
Inside Cape Seafood and Provisions, Fairfax
Cape Seafood
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Michael Cimarusti’s long-awaited Cape Seafood and Provisions seems ready to roll, with an update today that the takeaway retail space should be open to serve by next week. Though the windows are still papered over, the insides of the former Lindy & Grundy butcher shop are pretty much good to go, wrapped in gleaming white subway tile and filled with cooling cases for all that seafood.

To catch you up: Cimarusti, he of Providence and Connie & Ted’s fame, decided to launch Cape Seafood and Provisions as a way to continue his ongoing sustainable seafood cause. The amiable chef already works closely with a variety of sustainable fisheries by way of the Dock to Dish program, but wanted to bring something more frontward-facing direct to the public.

Hence Cape Seafood and Provisions, which will act as equal parts sustainable seafood shopping destination and overall larder, letting customers stock up on prepared goods and pantry staples like pastas. The place has been in gestation mode along Fairfax for some time, but word comes today that the shop should be ready to roll by sometime next week.

Cape Seafood and Provisions
801 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA