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Inside Hollywood's Slick New Dumpling Takeout

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A timely takeaway shop for the growing neighborhood.

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You might have noticed by now a none-too-subtle dumpling mural on the side of a building at Sunset and Bronson in Hollywood. It’s a calling card of sorts for the inbound IXLB Dimsum Eats, a new takeaway dim sum operation with plans to feed the neighborhood, launching March 10.

First spotted in September of last year, IXLB — the XLB, at least, is short for the iconic xiao long bao style of Chinese soup dumpling — has been slowly working its way to arrival in the Hollywood area. That’s good news for the myriad studios, apartment complexes, and student housing facilities arranged nearby; after all, that stretch of near-East Hollywood has been forlorn with options for a while now, so soup dumplings can only help. The full menu is below.

What’s more, IXLB is aiming for a large swath of dim sum favorites, and each priced competitively at $3.95 apiece. There will be a variety of steamed buns, spring rolls, scallion pancakes, and baked options, plus rice dishes and desserts. Again, this is takeout stuff, but the lack of real seating and a hyper quick service model are precisely what’s helping to keep costs so low. Expect IXLB Dimsum Eats to launch next week at Sunset and Bronson, and keep daily hours from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. thereafter.

IXLB Dimsum Eats
5900 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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