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Shake Shack's Next LA Location Is Century City

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The NYC burger invasion continues

Shake Shack Century City
Shake Shack Century City

Shake Shackcoming off their insane West Hollywood opening last week (with lines that still snake around the corner, has quietly planted their next flag: in Century City's mall. Already Glendale and Downtown locations have been confirmed, but this fourth outlet tells you one thing about Shake Shack — they're all about prime retail locations. A tipster sent in the photo above of the plywood, which isn't clear where exactly the burger spot will be located, though will likely be up on the dining deck. There's no projected opening date at the moment.

The New York-based burger chain seems to be going with a full-frontal invasion across Los Angeles. Where should it land next? Hit the comments with your suggestions. If Century City's complete remodel isn't enough, 2017 will bring in Italian mega concept Eataly.

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