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Pho Queen Bee Opens, MIAN by Chengdu Taste Reopens, More Updates From SGV

Not even San Gabriel Valley can escape the poke wave.

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) Rosemead: Pho Queen Bee has replaced Pho Saigon 22. The menu looks mostly standard for the new generation of pho restaurants with the di rigeur "Kobe" pho. However, Queen Bee seems to focus on quality beef cuts, with a "Vietnamese" pho bac with filet mignon, and a "ribeye" pho on the menu.  8766 Valley Blvd

2) San Gabriel: Chang'An is hosting a rare Chinese cuisine and wine pairing with SIP LA, operated by Elizabeth VanderVen, a level 4 sommelier who happens to speak Chinese and was an assistant professor of East Asian History at Rutgers. The dinner promises an educational experience in pairing "grape wine" to Shanghai food, with a Chinese translator to accommodate SGV locals. $95, March 11, 7:30 P.M.

Okie Poke, Monterey Park

3) Monterey Park: West SGV apparently has not hit peak poke yet — Okie Poke officially opened on February 29. The shop at the busy Atlantic Time Square has a clean and simple design which was built by Schism. It touts a whopping 9 protein types, with both avocados and seaweed available at no extra charge. 500 N Atlantic Blvd # 166

Banana Bay, Temple City

4) Temple City: Banana Bay is taking over the Guppy House at Rosemead and Las Tunas . Sadly, the second branch of the insanely popular Banana Bay Rowland Height seems to not have a pending alcohol license. Will the pad thai ever taste the same without the BOGO cocktails? 5747 Rosemead Ave.

5) San Gabriel: MIAN by Chengdu Taste was down for two weeks due to an upstairs water leak. Building inspection took place this week and the spicy noodle soup shop reopened last Thursday. 301 W Valley Blvd #115

Sushi, Monterey Park

6) Monterey Park: a rather random sushi take-out is replacing a former insurance office. It shares the parking lot with the suddenly defunct Bollini's Pizzeria, so hopefully pizza lovers stumbling onto Bollini's closure can find sollace in some take-out dragon rolls. 2409 S Garfield Ave