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LA County's Health Grade Cards May Add QR Codes to Increase Transparency

The codes would reveal the health code violations found during inspections

B Letter Grade, Los Angeles
B Letter Grade, Los Angeles
Eric Johnson/Flickr

Last week, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials submitted a report recommending that the county's health grade cards include a QR code, the dates of restaurants' last few inspections, and the inspector's initials, reports the SGV Tribune.

Those QR codes would direct smartphones to the database that lists the restaurant's health code violations found during routine inspections. This tool is already implemented in the city of Pasadena and San Diego County.

The proposed changes to the A, B, and C cards that are displayed on restaurant windows come after an online survey asking the public if they wanted more information about restaurants' cleanliness and food handling practices displayed on health grade cards.

The more obvious solution of merely posting all of the health code violations and exact inspection score directly on the health grade card, as opposed an online data base, was not a measure proposed by the Department of Public Health. However, Terri Williams, acting director of its environmental health division, stated that this proposal is still in discussion.