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Why The Rose in Venice Still Matters After All These Years

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Jason Neroni feels strongly about the place

Have you stepped inside the sunny all-day Rose cafe space in Venice yet? It might be something worth considering if you haven’t, as this new video shows off the true beauty of the place.

Bathed in light and draped in the surf and skate culture of Venice, the Rose has been through a lot of iterations over the years. The most recent one involves Jason Neroni working the stoves (and the pizza oven), plus morning coffee, pastries, and Julian Cox's own cocktails. In the video, Neroni dissects what it’s like to capture all that Rose cafe past while still feeling new and relevant in a neighborhood that's changing so rapidly. Which, as you might guess, is no easy feat.

The Rose

97 Main Street, , CO 81632 (970) 855-0141 Visit Website

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