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Hollywood’s Pink Pepper Closed By Order of Health Department

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They're hoping for a quick rebound

Pink Pepper, Hollywood
Pink Pepper, Hollywood

Popular Hollywood Thai spot Pink Pepper is closed until further notice, the result of a less-than-stellar health department check up on Monday. According to the paperwork, the department flagged the restaurant for a "vermin infestation" and overall "gross contamination of food contact surfaces," resulting in a handful of major and minor offenses on their score sheet.

Per a tipster, the restaurant is completely barred up at the moment, with only a ‘closed for repairs’ sign from ownership to explain anything. That, however, sits nearby to the health department’s own posted notice.

As of this posting, workers could be seen inside scrubbing the restaurant from top to bottom in an effort to open their doors as soon as possible, though it may take some time. The health department will need to sign off on the clean up effort before giving the all clear, and with a couple of major violations it’s tough to pinpoint a reopening date.

Of course, this isn’t the first unlucky strike against Pink Pepper. A couple of years back, a deadly attack took place on the restaurant’s busy patio, wherein an argument escalated into a shooting that left one woman dead and another with two bullet wounds. Through it all though, the place remains a constant favorite for many in the Hollywood area. Here’s to hoping they can rebound soon enough.

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