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LeBron James Worked at a Pasadena Blaze Pizza for a Day

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Call him 'Ron' though

Rocking a not-so-incognito look, NBA basketball star (and budding actor) LeBron James took to Pasadena's Blaze Pizza recently to work a shift. Customers were rightly confused when the 6'8", easily recognized multi-millionaire hopped on the line to chat them up and take their order, with in-on-the-joke employees calling him "Ron" the entire time.

It's ultimately a quick shift for James, who did little more than drop off some pizza boxes, yuk it up with customers over the variety of Blaze Pizza toppings, and pose for a 'Ron selfie' with a few folks before heading out again. The stunt is apparently part of a nationwide campaign James is putting on, stopping in at various outlets of the burgeoning fast casual pizza chain he heavily invested in back in 2012. Apparently the timing coincides with his, y'know, basketball schedule, leaving him a few hours in between to jump on the line and drum up some support for Blaze Pizza. It's a move that's apparently working, as the above YouTube video already has well over 1 million views.

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