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Hollywood's Baja Beach Bar Drowns Former Lucky Devils in Cheap Beer

A Cantina takeover on the Walk of Fame.

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Baja Beach Bar, Hollywood
Baja Beach Bar, Hollywood

Last summer marked the end of a ten year run for Lucky Devils, the long-tenured beer and burger spot on Hollywood Boulevard. The place had, not long before its shutter, attempted to pivot into Lucky’s Tavern, but when that proved unsuccessful they ultimately turned the lights off and walked away. Now comes a new maneuver altogether, as the restaurant group behind the likes of Cabo Cantina have arrived on site, loudly looking to open Baja Beach Bar right under Hollywood’s collective noses.

Given the name, Baja Beach Bar is exactly as palm frond-y, vaguely nautical, and ‘round-the-clock rowdy as you might expect. The place seems ready to open any day now, though it’s unclear exactly when that might happen. You can, however, get a pretty stylized look at the menu options available from their Yelp page already, as an insider has been uploading shots of tacos, two-for-one specials, and margaritas galore.

It’s all part of the plan for Sunset Restaurant Management group, who not only own Cabo Cantina but other party-forward destinations like Jameson’s Irish Pub and the Sunset Trocadero Lounge, plus a dozen or so others spread across Orange County and San Diego.

The vibe appears to closely mimic some of their other concepts, with lots of Corona signs and surfboard touches, plus TVs for watching sports and a long bar for sitting and enjoying the view. Expect Baja Beach Bar to open very soon in Hollywood, right on the Walk of Fame.

Baja Beach Bar
6613 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Baja Beach Bar

6613 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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