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Jason Fullilove Decamps From Castaway in Burbank For Parts Unknown

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Another project seems to have pulled the chef away.

Chef Jason Fullilove
Chef Jason Fullilove
Jason Fullilove

It seems Jason Fullilove is on the move once again, as evidenced by this job posting online showing an opening for the executive chef position at Castaway in Burbank. An email to Fullilove confirms the move, with plans for him to vacate the restaurant by the end of the month.

After hopping on board to open the massive Clifton’s Cafeteria in Downtown last fall, chef Fullilove moved on to greener pastures in October. He kept a very low profile for the months that followed, working small gigs and stepping in to help out chef friends of his along the way. Then just last month he emerged at Castaway in Burbank, an upscale-leaning eatery situated on the grounds of the DeBell Golf Club.

At that time, Fullilove said that he was working on tweaking the menus ahead of a planned upcoming remodel that would further showcase the outdoor beauty (and great views) of the restaurant, though that obviously seems to no longer be in the works. He declined to say exactly where he’ll end up next, but it’s likely not going to be long before Fullilove finds a new home. In the meantime, you can apply for his current executive chef jobs for Castaway if you’d like — the posting is still live on Indeed.

Castaway Burbank

1250 East Harvard Road, , CA 91501 (818) 848-6691 Visit Website

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