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You Can Still Get Scarpetta's Iconic Spaghetti Out on the Montage Patio

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From now through May 20

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Scarpetta, Beverly Hills
Scarpetta, Beverly Hills

As you’ve certainly heard by now, Scott Conant’s long-running Scarpetta is shuffling on. The Beverly Hills Italian stalwart won’t be seen around the Montage for much longer, which means you’ll have to get your fix where you can. And as of now, that means dining al fresco out on the patio.

Below is the truncated patio menu for Scarpetta moving forward, which includes a number of the restaurant’s hits, from its iconic straight-up spaghetti to its braised short ribs and double-cut pork chop. You’ll also be able to get dessert, including the $12 salted caramel budino. Hours for the patio-only menu will run Monday through Saturday from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., and will last until May 20. After that, Scarpetta will have run its course in Beverly Hills.

Soon enough though, mega-restaurateur Geoffrey Zakarian will be taking over. The Iron Chef winner and East Coast player is putting in a full-fledged modern American restaurant that will serve three meals a day to Montage guests. That restaurant will be called Georgie, though Zakarian’s team will also be adding on a Garden Bar for a more lounge-y feel. Expect those projects to come to life sometime this summer.

Scarpetta Patio Menu

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