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One of Koreatown's Best Restaurants Is Closing in Two Weeks

Jun Won is finding a new location, and switching gears on the menu

Inside Jun Won, Koreatown
Inside Jun Won, Koreatown

One of Koreatown's most beloved restaurants (and Eater LA essential 38 pick), Jun Won, is shutting down by the end of April, not because of bad business, but because the building was acquired and is scheduled to be razed. That means owner Jung Ye Jun and son Jeff Jun are going to be moving their restaurant operation into Buil Samgyetangaccording to the LA Times. It means that the Juns will be changing the menu slightly from their more seafood-centric menu to more of the homestyle offerings you might expect at a chicken soup restaurant (which is what Buil mainly serves).

Those newer menu items might include dak do ri tang, a spicy braised chicken stew that's fairly common in most Korean kitchens. Eventually, the Juns plan to find a permanent new home for their humble, but truly excellent Jun Won seafood. Fans still have a few more weeks to enjoy Jun Won in its current rendition tucked away on 8th Street.

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