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Kuniko Yagi Opening Downtown Ramen Shop Called Tokyo Strike

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The upcoming Historic Core space should be ready by summer

Kuniko Yagi's upcoming Tokyo Strike, Downtown
Kuniko Yagi's upcoming Tokyo Strike, Downtown
Wonho Frank Lee

It seems Kuniko Yagi has found a new home for her food, landing inside the Medallion mixed-used building at bustling 4th and Main. The new restaurant, which previewed over the weekend at the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs festival on the Paramount lot under the name Tokyo Strike, will apparently be noodle-focused.

Chef/hospitality recruiter Brad Metzger first got details on the place, launching the news via his own Instagram account.

As Tokyo Strike’s website indicates, the restaurant will be focused on ramen primarily, though that’s not to say there won’t be other options at play here — Yagi also debuted a dan dan mien at the festival. Still, expect a lot of noodle slurping to go down inside the place, plus drinking by way of a collection of beer, wine, and soju.

The space itself should seem somewhat familiar, as it’s inside the formerly hopeful home of Gorge, which was displaced by Michael Voltaggio on Sunset Boulevard but had hopes to emerge Downtown. Elia Page's former restaurant never quite made it back to life, leaving the mostly empty shell to sit until Yagi came along. She’s transforming it now into a 30-seat counter service-style restaurant not unlike what you might have seen at Ramen Champ in Chinatown, and has hopes to open up by summer.

Tokyo Strike is a great next move for Yagi, the Top Chef contestant who opened Hinoki & the Bird in early 2012 with chef David Myers. She left after Myers did in 2014, and since then has been moving through pop-ups at Simbal and other gigs around town. With Tokyo Strike, it’ll be fun to see Yagi in the kitchen full-time once again, turning out food she’s been interacting with since her time cooking in Kyoto and Tokyo years ago. Expect Tokyo Strike to open sometime this summer.

Tokyo Strike
4th / Main
Los Angeles, CA

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