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Kogi Taqueria Opens Right This Very Second in Palms

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Soft opening this week, official opening on Saturday

Kogi Taqueria, Palms
Kogi Taqueria, Palms
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It’s been a long time coming for Kogi Taqueria, the first standalone space from Roy Choi’s Kogi team, which helped to launch a food truck revolution more than half a decade ago. It’s also a coming home of sorts for the Palms neighborhood and Choi himself, whose empire has grown extensively over those same years. There was, for quite a while, a Chego nearby where the new Kogi Taqueria sits, and when it left for Chinatown, Choi promised he’d be back some day. Now he’s made good.

As of 11 a.m. today, the shop is open for business, doing soft hours from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. most days of the week, with truncated hours to 9 p.m. on Sundays (and they’re closed on Mondays to boot). That means that after years away from the neighborhood, Palms denizens can now enjoy Choi’s brand of LA-specific cooking right on Overland Avenue again.

In his Instagram opening report, Choi says that the soft opening only applies to this week, as the team looks to "work out the kinks." Come Saturday though the place will be ‘official’, as it were, which means that hopefully they’ll have things running smoothly and guests will be able to fill their bodies with as many perfectly-realized short rib tacos and blackjack quesadillas as they please.

As for the menu, expect much of what the truck has been offering for years, including those iconic tacos. They’ll have a few more filling options to go around this time, alongside newer alternatives like a tofu and citrus salad and wings. Head over now if you’re hungry, the team will be serving all day, and (at least for the moment) Choi himself is on site.

Kogi Taqueria
3500 Overland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

Update: here's the menu for your perusal

Kogi Menu