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Celtic Cafe The Wilde Thistle Has Reached The End of the Road in West LA

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But there could be life for the space still

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The Wilde Thistle, West LA
The Wilde Thistle, West LA

Westside Celtic cafe The Wilde Thistle seems to have closed up shop, ending a run of just over two years. The Motor Avenue space is buttoned up tight says a tipster, a fact confirmed on both Yelp and the company’s own Facebook page.

Owner Caity Wallace first made plans to open The Wilde Thistle back in 2013, working a variety of baked goods, coffee, and heartier lunch fare. The colorful all-day space officially opened in January of 2014, doing weekly live music and comedy shows for the neighborhood.

There’s no word as of yet on why the restaurant decided to shutter up, but according to this Facebook post the last day of full service was back on April 10, with a few live performance evenings following thereafter. A later post adds, in Celtic of course, a loose translation apparently reading "Broken hearts. Thank you for the magic you shared."

It may not be the end of the road for the cafe space at 3456 Motor Avenue though, as a new post on the Wilde Thistle Facebook page from Wednesday says that "a very cool, but very different venue" is heading in, and could be interested in pursuing the same live event nights as before. So, in the end, it seems the neighborhood could be trading one rocking cafe space for another after all.

The Wilde Thistle

3456 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 730-6208 Visit Website

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