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Lodge Bread Co Will Expand Space, With Pizza and Beer in the Works

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It's taking over the next door space

Inside Lodge Bread Co, Culver City
Inside Lodge Bread Co, Culver City
Wonho Frank Lee

Lodge Bread Co has been a massive success for the rather sleepy western section of Culver City, offering amazing house-baked breads and other daily specials on Washington Blvd. And that success has meant that their plans are going to get bigger, as owners Alex Phaneuf and Or Amsalam will take over the next door space. The idea is to do pizzas (which they already do on Sunday evenings) and wood-fired snacks, plus beer and wine on a regular basis.

They're projected to debut the expanded space by December 2016, if all goes according to plan, which isn't always the case given the slowness at which the city and county inspectors tend to approve construction. The team has already acquired a nifty Rosito Bisani wood-fired oven, which chef-friend Michael Fiorelli of Love & Salt recommended to them.

As for Lodge Bread's original space? It will stay in business until the latest possible time, when it'll need to close for a few days at most to allow for the two spaces to come together. Of course, regulars will get plenty of notice beforehand so they can stock up on loaves of that spectacular bread.

Lodge Bread Co

11918 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (424) 384-5097 Visit Website

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