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Jonathan Gold Digs the Tonkatsu at Kagura in Torrance

It's the land of the fried pork cutlet

Kagura, Torrance
Kagura, Torrance

This week, Jonathan Gold heads down to Torrance for the best tonkatsu in town at Kagura. Nestled in the "district that is [the most] comfortably Japanese," the izakaya is the sort of place that is "at least as focused on drinking as it is on food [...] and as focused on enabling long conversations as it is on alcohol."

Sure, there's a delicious grilled black cod and a nice cheese-stuffed potato croquette, but you're really here for the set dinners that center around tonkatsu, or fried pork:

The well-marbled loin bursts with luscious fat when you bite into it; the filet is leaner and firmer, perhaps less interesting. Kagura's specialty is the style known as mille-feuille — thinly sliced pork folded into a cutlet before it is breaded and fried, a soft, supremely juicy portion of meat. If you are that kind of person, you can even get your mille-feuille tonkatsu enhanced with oozing rivulets of cheese. [LAT]

The Goldster concludes his hearty meal with the sweet version of tonkatsu —slices of banana that are fried like their savory counterpart and served with chocolate sauce and ice cream.


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