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1212 Hopes to Change the Dining Culture Along Third Street Promenade

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The globally-focused restaurant is going big in Santa Monica

1212, Santa Monica
1212, Santa Monica
Global Dining

There’s life yet for 1212 (as in twelve-twelve), the Santa Monica mystery restaurant that took over the former Monsoon on the Third Street Promenade last year. Back in August there were few details on the place other than it would serve a variety of globally-inspired dishes, but now we know a whole lot more — including a tentative opening next month.

Back then it seemed that former La Boheme chef Martha Esquivel would be leading efforts, but now comes word that Walter Greenwood, an out-of-towner who’s previously spent time at places like the venerated Commander’s Palace, will be running things. According to 1212 reps, Greenwood will still be rocking a globetrotting menu full of everything from lechon tacos to sea urchin risotto. There will also be a full bar helmed by Cassia vet Fred Ghiassi.

Design Development Co. is behind the bi-level buildout, which (as one can see above) will be both tall and wide. There’s just over 12,500 square feet of space to work with, meaning the downstairs will hold an open kitchen, bar, and most of the dining tables, while the upstairs will allow for a second bar and private event space, with room for occasional live music shows. You’ll also be wrapped in glass once you’re inside, with views out onto the busy Promenade beyond. 1212 will open for lunch and dinner sometime next month.

1212 W. Third St.
Santa Monica, CA

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