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Kuniko Yagi Adds a Diner to Her Upcoming Restaurant Openings

Both the diner and ramen shop will be named Tokyo Strike

Yuniko Yagi's upcoming Tokyo Strike Downtown
Yuniko Yagi's upcoming Tokyo Strike Downtown
Wonho Frank Lee

Eater already reported that Kuniko Yagi, formerly of Hinoki & The Bird, had plans to open up a 30-seat ramen shop in Downtown's The Medallion building on 4th and Main. Today, the Times reports that Yagi isn't just opening one restaurant, but two, both under the moniker Tokyo Strike.

The second restaurant will be a Japanese American diner that will also offer ramen along with a full menu, dessert, and cocktail program. Tokyo Strike diner will open in July in a yet-to-be announced location, while Tokyo Strike ramen shop will open this fall Downtown.

Also in the article were more details about the menu for the forthcoming ramen counter. In addition to a few side dishes, the menu will feature three types of ramen: signature, vegetarian, and dan dan mien. There will even be soju and beer slushies to wash it all down.

All in all, it's a pretty huge wins for Japanese food lovers in LA, who have two new restaurants to look forward to by the talented Top Chef contestant.

Tokyo Strike
4th / Main
Los Angeles, CA

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