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Gourmet Coffee and Gift Shop Dean & DeLuca Likely Headed for Malibu Expansion

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The New York stalwart hopes to expand beyond their single existing California outlet

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All-purpose cafe operation Dean & DeLuca could well be headed for a new outlet in Malibu, says a sharp-eyed tipster. The move would bring the gourmet foodstuff marketplace and coffee shop into Southern California for the very first time.

According to sources, including the Pepperdine Graphic, the upcoming proposed Dean & DeLuca location would put them right in the heart of Malibu’s Cross Creek Mall, inside the large-ish former corner location of a Banana Republic (which itself only closed at the end of February).

The move may not be official, as company spokespeople won’t comment officially one way or the other, but it certainly seems to be happening according to others. What’s more, a recent call to the next closest West Coast outlet up in St. Helena confirmed with management there that a Malibu location is in fact on Dean & DeLuca’s radar, though they declined to answer whether or not in fact that particular space had been locked in already.

Regardless, it sounds like Dean & DeLuca are most likely landing somewhere along the Malibu coastline, with a build-out that could put them in line for a late summer or early fall opening. It would certainly be a worthwhile expansion for the brand, which already enjoys locations throughout New York and the Midwest and South, in addition to having an extensive international reach.

Dean & DeLuca 
3844 Cross Creek Road
Malibu, CA

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