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Rotisserie Specialist Status Kuo Closes for Renovations in Mar Vista

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There are plans to open up again early this summer

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Status Kuo, Mar Vista
Status Kuo, Mar Vista
Elizabeth Daniels
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It seems that Mar Vista rotisserie restaurant Status Kuo has shuttered for a remodel. Details on the future of the place are still murky, though they’re adamant about a plan to reopen after making a few changes throughout the spring.

All that’s known at the moment is that the 16-month old restaurant officially went down for said remodel on March 20, with tipsters writing in to say the place is locked up tight at the moment. Their Yelp page notes a reopening date of June 4, but otherwise the restaurant’s social media feeds have been rather quiet. An email to the restaurant so far has not been returned, either.

Dig through their Facebook page though, and you’ll find a note about the restaurant’s inbound bar plans. This ABC license shows plans for full booze, which could mean a small reconcepting in favor of a stronger cocktail program, though that’s just speculation at the moment. Regardless, it seems that owner David Kuo has big plans for the future of the restaurant.

Got more details? Feel free to hit the tipline. Otherwise, we may all be waiting until sometime in June before new plans are revealed.

Status Kuo

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