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Sawtelle Japantown Just Keeps Adding World-Class Ramen Shops

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This time it's Tentenyu from Kyoto

Kyoto-based Tentenyu is coming to Sawtelle soon, taking over the former Slice Truck space after those guys moved down to Bundy. A tipster writes in to say that Tentenyu is already well underway, and should be ready sometime this spring.

Known primarily for their white meat chicken ramen (called tori paitan in Japan), Tentenyu has built a loyal following in Japan over the past 40 years. Originally a small shop, the brand has expanded over the years to become one of the most competitive in the area, though they’ll face some stiff competition stateside with the likes of Tsujita just down the street.

Signage is already up for the space, which is otherwise still in construction mode behind some yellow caution tape. Still, you can catch a glimpse of the company’s signature bowls from the window, which will hopefully entice folks into giving the place a chance when they arrive. Once here, Tentenyu will join the ranks of other recent ramen favorites like Tatsunoya in Pasadena as international stars looking to make big names for themselves in the ever-hungry L.A. ramen market. Interested in working for the place? You can sign up right this way.

Tentenyu Ramen
2012 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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