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What's Up With This New French Marketplace and Eatery on Melrose?

Let’s dig into Le Marche

Le Marche, Melrose
Le Marche, Melrose

Situated on Melrose, just around the corner from Larchmont and all its walkability, is apparent newcomer Le Marche. The bottom floor it occupies as part of a larger mixed use development is all papered over, and there are scarce few details available online. So what can one expect from this Melrose option, situated across the street from recently opened Kali? Here's what we know.

First, the sign itself, which shows the place to be a joint restaurant, gourmet market, and bar. There’s no active ABC license for the address just yet (or under the name Le Marche), but that could change rather quickly once things get going behind all that paper in the windows.

Some small details seem to have trickled out to various bloggers over time regarding Le Marche, however. Over at Vegan LA News, word is that Le Marche is a collaboration between development company California Landmark Group (they’re the ones behind the mixed use building, called The LC, where Le Marche sits) and nearby heavy-hitter The Larchmont.

According to them, at least, the plan is for the restaurant to be vegetarian-focused full service eatery, and with the possibility of room service for the building's residents. Real estate broker Eileen Lanza similarly hinted that the space could be more of a true ‘French marketplace’ back in August, but also indicated that it could open as soon as the end of 2015, which obviously didn’t come to fruition.

The likely end result of all this is a casual cafe space somewhat in the vein of, say, Stir Market on Beverly. That would mean counter service (at least during the day), coffee and pastries in the morning, and a broader dinner menu at night, perhaps with an attached bar. Eater reached out to The LC and The Larchmont to confirm those rumored plans, but so far hasn’t heard back. So for now it’s ultimately anyone’s guess. Got more info? Drop it below.

Le Marche
5665 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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