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Silver Lake's Picnic Sandwich Shutters Up Just One Year In

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A quiet end for the Sunset Boulevard space

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Picnic Sandwich, Silver Lake
Picnic Sandwich, Silver Lake

Though Silver Lake's Picnic Sandwich made it over the dreaded one year restaurant hurdle (they came to life in February of 2015), they don't seem to have been able to hold on any longer. Walking past the former Food+Lab space on Sunset Boulevard now reveals a yellow For Lease sign, with the restaurant inside cleaned out.

It's a tough end for first-time restaurant owner Shanna Lynn Milazzo, who previously spent time at The Belmont on La Cienega, and before that was the sous at the Federal Bar in North Hollywood. Though the eatery's rotating series of fried chicken sandwich creations gave them a touch of notoriety early on, they may not have been able to establish enough of a local following to keep afloat.

Yelp now reports the place as having officially closed, likely sometime late last month. What's next for the small restaurant space remains to be seen, though with Silver Lake still thriving in general it's likely a new option will gobble up that lease sooner rather than later. Eater reached out to Milazzo for comment, but so far has not heard back.


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