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Encino's Shuttered Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Flips Into Claudine Artisan Kitchen & Bakeshop

And there's a familiar name behind it all

The former Rosti Tuscan Kitchen, Encino
The former Rosti Tuscan Kitchen, Encino
Rosti Tuscan Kitchen

Despite the recent spate of growth happening up in Encino, it seems that not every restaurant there is thriving. Case in point: Rosti Tuscan Kitchen, which closed its doors back at the end of February after many years in the neighborhood.

But just like that, it seems someone new is taking over. This ABC license leans to the name Claudine Artisan Kitchen & Bakeshop (which is certainly a mouthful) and shows plans for beer and wine. The owners behind the venture are shrouded as 818 Restaurant Ventures LLC, which doesn’t mean much until you sift through some more layers.

Eventually, you come to one Anthony Jacquet, whose name might sound familiar as the chef behind the long-running Whisper Restaurant and Lounge. That place has a nearly 12-year history behind it, though it’s come offline several times for updates and refreshes along the way. Now it appears Jacquet is expanding his repertoire with what certainly sounds like a casual option up in the Valley.

There’s not much more to know about the place just yet, considering it’s still early going, but regardless you can tag Claudine’s as yet another entrant into the suddenly expansive Encino restaurant market. Not only has Scratch Bar been winning over fans in the neighborhood, but soon-to-be partner Luke Reyes is well underway with his ramen shop next door. Add in places like BatterFish as ongoing stalwarts for the area, and suddenly it’s easier than ever to enjoy a meal out in that part of the 818.

Claudine Artisan Kitchen & Bakeshop
16350 Ventura Blvd., Ste. F
Encino, CA

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