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Tacos Villa Corona Devastates Atwater Village With Unexpected Closure

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They may yet return, however

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Tacos Villa Corona on Friday morning, April 8
Tacos Villa Corona on Friday morning, April 8

It looks as though Atwater Village breakfast burrito legend Tacos Villa Corona is all closed up at the moment, with little indication as to why — or when, if ever, they’ll be coming back. A tipster writes in to say the place isn’t serving at the moment, and Yelp seems to confirm as such as folks discuss the closure with a heavy heart.

Checking in on the space as of this morning, there’s little to indicate Villa Corona's impending return. Instead, the exceedingly small breakfast and lunch spot is gated up altogether, with a sign from March 29 apologizing for the sudden closure, with the following words at the bottom: "Not too long pray for us.". A call to the restaurant just rang and rang, and so for now it seems everyone is just in a holding pattern.

Then again, we’ve seen this before. Not far away in Los Feliz, dive bar icon Tiki Ti shuttered abruptly last year following a family issue, and with little advanced notice many were left to bemoan the place’s possibly lost fate. Thankfully it came back online not long after, serving their same signature tiki drinks. As much could be true for Tacos Villa Corona, and let’s certainly hope so. Mostly we’re all wondering how Anthony Bourdain is taking the news right now.

Tacos Villa Corona

3185 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 (323) 661-3458

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