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Bernie Sanders, Man of the People, Gets Coffee in Glassell Park

And more AM news

Cassia, Santa Monica
Cassia, Santa Monica
Wonho Frank Lee
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LA owns 25% of America’s best new restaurants

That’s according to GQ at least, which lists 12 best new restaurants this year — and three are from Los Angeles. Cassia makes the grade in Santa Monica because of course they should, along with Moruno at the Original Farmers Market. But the biggest pick of all? Baroo, the tiny strip mall fermentation haven in Hollywood.

The King Eddy is no more

Dive bar legend The King Eddy Saloon is once again down for the count, as the place officially closed its doors last night continues to transition in the midst of a new sale to unknown buyers. The Downtown drinking stalwart has been one of the sadder bar stories of late, as the place is filled with a long and sometimes rough history, but failed through at least one attempt at a hip revamp. Condolences now are pouring out online, though the future of the bar remains up in the air. Update: PR says the place remains open at this time, though the new ownership team still hasn't come forward with their future plans for the place.

Bernie hangs out in Glassell Park

A true man of the people, Bernie Sanders spent some time in Glassell Park yesterday at Habitat Coffee. A call to the coffee shop confirms that Sanders was in with a group of staffers and enjoyed a quick drink before bustling off to parts unknown. Sanders is of course campaigning in the state this week, including a stop tonight in Anaheim.


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Experience the Jon & Vinny’s playlist

Want the sound of the restaurant Jon & Vinny’s, without the wait for a table? You can get that for your own small business now thanks to Soundtrack Your Brand, a streaming service that lets business customers curate their own music across one or multiple stores. And within that service, you can apparently also listen to what Jon & Vinny are listening to, 90’s rap and all.

MiniBar hits the one year mark

Hollywood’s MiniBar has become a neighborhood drinking staple almost overnight, and to celebrate the diminutive spot on Franklin Avenue has decided to give back. On Wednesday, June 8 the 32-seat lounge will offer $6 margaritas, $1 Mexicali beers, a DJ, and free parking from 5 p.m. on.

Maru does morning pastries on the Westside

Maru is a bit of a catch-all restaurant these days, doing steaks, sushi, happy hour, and now morning pastries. The morning offerings are still made in-house using fruit from the Santa Monica Farmers Market, and will be on sale Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Expect croissants, muffins, tarts, and — of course — avocado toast.

AhiPoki opens in Hollywood

Add multi-state chain AhiPoki Bowl to the pile of poke contenders. The newcomer landed yesterday at 5553 W. Sunset Boulevard, across from the zombie Target in Hollywood / East Hollywood. Hours run 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.