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Famed New York Sushi Spot Brings Creative Omakase to Hollywood

Sushi of Gari has locations in Manhattan and Tokyo

Sushi of Gari Hollywood
Sushi of Gari Hollywood

Sushi of Gari, a family of New York and Tokyo sushi restaurants by chef Masatoshi "Gari" Sugio, has opened in Hollywood. Located in the Eastown mixed-use complex with neighboring tenants Dunkin Donuts, Greenleef, Pressed Juicery, and an incoming Shake Shack, it will be a huge boon for Hollywood Boulevard-roaming tourists and locals alike.

The first Sushi of Gari opened in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan in 1997, with three other New York locations and one Tokyo branch quickly following suit. Gari is known for its unique sauces on each piece of nigiri designed to enhance the flavor of the fish, rather than masking it in soy sauce.

Sushi of Gari Hollywood will follow a similar format as its New York locations, with a focus on omakase dining along with a la carte options and lunch specials. However, a meal here will not come cheap, as lunch specials alone start at $25 for four pieces of sushi and a sushi roll, and run up to $55 for the Tuna of Gari.

All in all, Sushi of Gari is sure to become a fantastic power lunch option for those looking for something a little nicer than the Sugarfish just down the street.

Sushi of Gari Hollywood
6201 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles