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LA's Uni-Obsessed Restaurant Is Now Gone Forever

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Maruhide Uni Club calls it quits after the owner decides to shut down

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Outside Maruhide Uni Club
Outside Maruhide Uni Club
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Maruhide Uni Club, a food forum and Yelper favorite that served pristine uni, or sea urchin roe, down in Torrance, has closed, according to the folks at LA Food Talk Central. It's a bummer for fans who drove down from LA to get copious amounts of the delicious shellfish roe, which was served in various plates. The restaurant's owner apparently had a bout of ill health and decided to close down for good on May 21.

Though it was a small restaurant, patrons could order high quality local uni for a fraction of the cost they would pay at a high-end sushi restaurant. In addition, the uni pasta was a must order for every table.

Anyone who still wants top grade uni can still get some from Maruhide's factory, which is located in Long Beach (and online), but the restaurant part of the operation is now gone for good. The restaurant first opened back in 2013.

Maruhide Uni Club

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