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Alhambra Gets An Irish Bar, Plus More Dates From the San Gabriel Valley Food Scene

Hot pot, kebab, and Korean-style shaved snow galore

And now, a semi-regular update from San Gabriel Valley's vibrant restaurant scene:

1) Alhambra: Main St is finally getting some new non-Chinese eats. Limericks Tavern, the second branch in the same, is in the middle of build out. Alhambra planning commission approved the alcohol license last June, but the state shows the hard liquor license for the Irish pub still pending. Limericks's operators stated the menu will be Irish pub-inspired but with seasonal rotations. 300 W Main #110

2) San Gabriel: One on One Hot Pot has been replaced by ap27. The menu remains largely the same. 400 E Valley Blvd

Think Kebab, Rosemead

3) Rosemead: Think Kebab opened this month and proves the Chinese are in love with BBQmeats on skewers as well as spicy hot pots. This Northern Chinese style BBQ house featuring all sorts of land animals and poultry on metal skewers. It took over Que's, a dive bar unpopular with the locals. 8921 Valley Blvd

Mattlorna Cafe, Alhambra

4) Alhambra: In additional to Limericks, Mattlorna Cafe is also coming to Main St. The full service "Italian style" cafe will feature an espresso program, pastries, cakes, pizza as well as salads and sandwiches. The new cafe sits a merely two minute, two-block walk away from an extremely busy Starbucks also on Main St, and the 3000 square foot space immediately next door is still available for lease. 235 W Main street # A

5) San Gabriel: Aurora Dessert, a Korean-style shaved snow and froyo shop, has replaced Muse Tea House which somehow lasted four years. 227 W Valley

San Sui Tei, El Monte

6) S. El Monte: San Sui Tei, the "other" ramen shop in Little Tokyo, has opened a second outlet in S El Monte. This is the first Japanese ramen shop to ever open in El Monte. 10343 Garvey Ave.

Best One, Rosemead

7) Rosemead: Best One Restaurant has shuttered. There is no replacement operation as of now. The restaurant was a popular choice for tourism operators in SGV, but the smorgasbord Chinese menu never caught on with the rest of the locals. 8450 Garvey Ave