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This LA Burger Shop Will Serve Sanrio-Themed Specials

Commence the squeals

Plan Check Downtown
Plan Check Downtown
Elizabeth Daniels

Plan Check has a long history of Sanrio-related specials. First there were the pink cheese-toppedHello Kitty-themed burgers; then the "lazy egg" Gudetama took over with fried egg sliders; and now Pompompurin and Chococat have their time to shine.

Pompompurin, a "laid back Golden Retriever," and Chococat, a "scatterbrained boy cat with a chocolate nose," will be forever glorified with their faces adorning Plan Check's newest menu. Just be prepared for cuteness overload.

Beginning Friday, June 10, and stretching to Sunday, July 10, all three locations of Plan Check (Sawtelle, Fairfax, Downtown) will offer a $39 set menu that includes a co-branded cap. The menu includes mac and cheese with Americanized dashi cheese, a Pompompurin grilled sausage sandwich with kimchi slaw, a Chococat cookie, and vanilla cream soda.

For Sanrio lovers, this is really quite a steal. And for Instagram addicts, it's the perfect fodder to fill the feed.

Plan Check

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