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Jamba Juice's Concept Store Ramps Up the Juice Bar's Ambiance and Menu

A step above your typical minimalist juice and smoothie shop

Jamba Juice Innovation Bar, Pasadena
Jamba Juice Innovation Bar, Pasadena
Matthew Kang

Jamba Juice's Innovation Bar is currently under the knife in Old Town Pasadena but a quick peek inside shows some telling details of the new concept store. Announced back in November 2015, the store was set to reopen in January 2016 but it's been delayed. Though still not open, Jamba Juice's Innovation Bar has a wild new interior, with mid-century modern appointments, WiFi-enabled cafe seating, and bright gold blenders. The wallpaper's got an artsy, colorful feel while the high ceilings and large windows allow for plenty of light — all the better to Instagram the experience.

As for the menu, CEO James D. White picked this ultra high-volume store, with scores of foot traffic, to showcase Jamba Juice's step forward. That means a new plant-based food menu to go along with the blended juices and smoothies, test kitchen, and other "innovative" elements. It's a place where they'll get real time feedback and new ideas to incorporate to their other stores across the country.

Jamba Juice Innovation Bar 2 Matthew Kang

It's not unlike what Panda Express did with their Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, which offers a full tea bar and totally different experience for diners (orange chicken burrito, anyone?).

No official word on when this Innovation Bar will official open, but most of the construction inside seems finished. At this point, there's probably some staff training and finishing details required.

Jamba Juice Innovation Bar
8798 64 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA

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