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Critical Darling Cassia Finally Launches Lunch Service

You can now get the Spice Table Cassia burger beginning May 9

Wonho Frank Lee

In a huge boon for Santa Monica office workers and denizens, Jonathan Gold and Besha Rodell-approved Cassia will now open for lunch. Beginning Monday, May 9, the Southeast Asian brasserie will open Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm to service the lunchtime crowd.

On the menu, expect a few dinner favorites like the Vietnamese pot au feu in addition to a slew of new menu items. Chef Bryant Ng will highlight his self-proclaimed love for sandwiches with options like the Vietnamese French dip served with pho broth and the Koda Farms chickpea sandwich, both made with Indian naan-like bread cooked in the restaurant's tandoor oven.

Perhaps most exciting, though, is the updated take on the highly lauded Spice Table burger. The popular dish from Ng's former restaurant takes shape in the Cassia burger, topped with shallot mayo, sambal, curry-pickled cucumbers, lettuce, and tomato, and the option to add American or Cheddar cheese.

All in all, with everything from salads to heartier plates, Cassia is sure to become one of LA's best new spots for a leisurely lunch.


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