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Lalibela Adds Another Ethiopian Contender on Fairfax

For when you need your injera fix

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

It isn't often that we learn of new restaurants popping up in Little Ethiopia. Well now, Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant hopes to compete with the likes of Meals by Genet and Messob right on Fairfax just south of Olympic.

The family-run restaurant offers breakfast through dinner fare (although current hours run from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., daily), which means there's everything from wheat porridge to savory pies to doro wat and plenty of vegetable curries served with injera, of course.

For a true taste of Ethiopian culture, Lalibela offers traditional coffee ceremonies with beans that are roasted in house. Even better? The restaurant is BYOB, which means you can wash down your combo plates with your favorite beer or wine.

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
1025 S. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles