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Somebody’s Trolling LA’s 365 by Whole Foods With a Fake Instagram Account

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And now celebrities are getting involved

365 by Whole Foods Market, Silver Lake
365 by Whole Foods Market, Silver Lake
Wonho Frank Lee

It’s easy to pick on Silver Lake, the hilly near-Eastside neighborhood popular with hip kids and celebrities — especially since that new 365 by Whole Foods Market moved in. First locals were angry at not getting their own fully-realized Whole Foods (instead it’s a truncated version missing key elements like a cheese counter and on-site butcher), and now they’re cramming the parking lot off Glendale Boulevard and complaining about the long lines to check out.

And now someone — no one is quite sure who — has taken the truth-in-comedy of it all to new height with a parody Instagram account purporting to be from Whole Foods.

We are officially open for business! Come on in and visit us at the corner of Glendale and Fletcher.

A photo posted by 365 by Whole Foods (@wholefoodssilverlake) on

The account, @wholefoodssilverlake, started out innocuously enough, with a photo of the exterior of the building and a note at the top to follow the account for "coupons, good times and local Silverlake gossip."

After a couple of photo jabs at the colorful customers of the new 365 by Whole Foods, things started to take a turn. There was a reference to former Sonic Youth lead (and apparent Silver Lake local) Kim Gordon being bit by a coyote out front, and then basically all hell broke loose.

The account has been going out of its way to lean in on the (fake) Kim Gordon bite story, showing photos of coyotes on the prowl, and guys sitting in tree blinds holding compound bows, ready to strike back. They’ve even been pulling in other local businesses like Silverlake Wine and Tenants of the Trees while spinning tales about said coyotes.

Perhaps funniest (or most frustrating, depending on your perspective) of all, the actual 365 by Whole Foods has been forced to respond on Twitter to the news of the parody account. It seems they’re trying to shut the whole thing down, and even had to apologize publicly to Kim Gordon herself after a fan asked on Twitter whether or not she’d really been bitten.

For now, the parody @wholefoodssilverlake is still active, and gaining followers like crazy. Unlike nearby Los Feliz and their less-specific Los Feliz Daycare comedy Twitter account, it seems the fake Whole Foods account could get busted soon enough considering they’re so closely trading on the brand and imagery of 365. Until, then enjoy the coyote saga as it continues to unfold.

365 by Whole Foods Market

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