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Clubby Chinese Restaurant Philippe Chow Shacks Up in Hollywood's House of Macau

It's a temporary takeover, whatever that means

House of Macau
House of Macau
Wonho Frank Lee

Philippe Chow has had its fair share over struggles over the past years. First the restaurant moved from its original West Hollywood location to Beverly Hills; then it was sued for copyright infringement by Philippe New York (who was also sued for the same thing by Mr. Chow); and now, it seems the restaurant has moved once again, this time into House of Macau in Hollywood.

It's quite a fitting arrangement for the Mr. Chow knockoff Philippe, as House of Macau was a kind of Philippe/Mr. Chow knockoff in its own right. The red and black-lacquered space hadn't fared too well in the neighborhood, as the self-proclaimed "first Macanese restaurant in Los Angeles" seemed to go the way of the late Geisha House with its overeager clubby vibes.

According to Instagram, you can now get Philippe Chow's contemporary Chinese cuisine for lunch and dinner at House of Macau. If interested, you'd better act fast, as who knows how long either restaurant will last.

House of Macau

, Los Angeles, CA

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