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$1 Porchetta Sandwiches, Larchmont's Latest Closure, and More A.M. Intel

Plus an outdoor movie screening and even more barbecue

Salazar, Frogtown
Salazar, Frogtown
Wonho Frank Lee

Omni Downtown does a Father's Day barbecue feast

This Sunday, the Omni hotel in Downtown is going to get its meat on with a globally-inspired barbecue feast. Running 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the meaty affair will bring together grilled meat flavors from across the world.

Cento Pasta Bar’s $1 porchetta sandwiches

Yep, $1 for a porchetta sandwich from the likes of Avner Lavi and Santos Uy at Cento Pasta Bar in Downtown tomorrow. That’s not only a great deal (the menu item will stay on after Saturday, but at $9 a pop), it’s a limited one: only one per person (dine in or take out), and there until they’re gone. Party starts at 11 a.m.

'Lette Macarons has closed in Larchmont

Looks like the end of the line for 'Lette Macarons was a little while back, as Food GPS perused past recently only to discover the place all closed up. There's a For Lease sign in the window and everything, meaning the colorful dessert option just couldn't swing it in the upscale neighborhood, apparently.

Watch movies 26 floors above the city

WP24 at The Ritz-Carlton is getting into the outdoor movie game, adding a slew of fun movies to their repertoire. Next Friday and Saturday night (June 24 and 25, respectively) they’ll be screening The Never Ending Story from all the way up on the rooftop, serving grilled jidori chicken and other options along the way. Plus: champagne floats. Movies start at 8 p.m.

The Taco Maven descends on Salazar

Taco blogger The Taco Maven hit Salazar recently, dropping some intel and a few photos on the Frogtown recent arrival. Overall the place earns a strong nod, as much for its smoky meats as its charming outdoor vibe.

Terrine’s big barbecue party

This coming Monday night, Terrine will partner up with Portland’s own Ox team for a big, meaty meal out on the patio. The party is in celebration of the popular restaurant’s new cookbook Around the Fire, and will run $55 for a series of courses including roasted oysters and smoked beef tongue. Ox’s own Gabrielle and Greg Denton will be on hand to make the party complete.

Taste on Melrose does their barbecue thing, too

This Sunday, Taste on Melrose is hosting an outdoor grill party to celebrate dads everywhere. Chef Brian Sheard will be doing everything from baby back ribs to hoisin pulled pork sandwiches, so call the restaurant directly to make reservations.

The story behind Jitlada's off-menu burger

Ever wondered what's up with Jitlada's semi-secret off-menu burger? Jonathan Gold got to the bottom of it recently in a video for the LA Times, speaking with the owner Jazz about the dish's origins (hint: it starts with a school lunch).

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