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Bobby Brown and Four Other Musicians With Their Own Barbecue Sauces

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Take home a taste of celebrity

Bobby Brown endorsing his barbecue sauce
Bobby Brown endorsing his barbecue sauce

In honor of Barbecue Week, Eater has rounded up a group of musicians who happen to cook up more than music in their spare time. Whether they're inspired by making people feel good, the flavors they've tasted while on tour around the world, or a desire to feel closer to home, one thing's for sure — these musicians can sauce it up.

If you're looking for something sultry and sweet, a sauce with a caffeinated kick, or you're wanting to add some spice to the party, these artists can cover your needs —and your grill with their tantalizing sauces.

Patti LaBelle

Patti Labelle Screen Shot Cooking Channel screenshot

Patti LaBelle doesn't just make sweet music, she makes sweet sauces, too. The "On My Own" soprano soul singer's entrepreneurial spirit flowed from music into food in the form of a line called Patti's Good Life which consists of hot sauces, marinades, and tantalizing BBQ sauces. Patti's Good Life Sweet BBQ Sauce claims to add "Smoky down-home flavor to anything you grill or bake" and her Sweet Agave Bourbon BBQ Sauce, which uses agave nectar instead of sugar, is described on her website as "a really interested BBQ sauce, it's got some heat but it's delicious."

Patti Labelle Sauces Twitter

Upon the lines launch LaBelle explained, "My new brand and line of products is my way of sharing my love of cooking, my family recipes and my vision of how to live 'the good life' with the world"

Check the sauces out here.

Retail Price: Sweet Agave Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Sweet BBQ Sauce. Each 18.5 oz for $3.99


Kelis Rogers Cooking Channel Cooking Channel screenshot

Perhaps best known for her food-themed track "Milkshake", the singer known as Kelis recently graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and let her creative side come out with cooking. She recently released a food line called "Bounty and Full" with another seasoning line called "Feast", which consists of sauces, jams, and glazes. While her milkshake is what's bringing all the boys to the yard, her sauces are what's making them stay. Kelis' sauce is called Wild Cherry BBQ Sauce and she described it by stating, "It is cooked with real wild cherries and infused with espresso, yes, ESPRESSO!! This an a BBQ sauce unlike one you have ever tasted!"

Kelis sauce

Her musical talent took her around the world and ended up influencing the flavor of her sauce, "I've had the privilege of traveling around the world and eating my way through Michelin star restaurants and street fairs... ... I source out my ingredients personally to make sure that they are of the highest quality."

When asked in an interview about the relationship between sauce and music, Kelis explained, "They're both about giving to people around you."

Check the sauces out here.

Retail Price: Wild Cherry BBQ Sauce. 12 oz for $6.99

DJ Paul

DJ Paul Youtube screenshot

A member of the Oscar-winning trio 3 6 Mafia, DJ Paul has gone from mixing records to mixing sauce. His BBQ sauce is called DJ Paul's Smoked Out BBQ Sauce. He suggests you pair the savory sauce with his On Errthang all purpose seasoning or his BBQ Rub dry rub.

Upon the sauce's release, DJ Paul's team explained the motivation behind his new venture, "Born and raised in the BBQ capital of the world, Memphis, Tennessee, Paul's first love in life has always been cooking. He has spent the last 15 years of his life focusing on what he loves most, tasting the different flavors of the world..."

DJ Paul BBQ Sauce Website

While his musical travels allowed him to taste the those world flavors, it was the taste of home that DJ Paul craved, "I didn't even really make it to put it out for sale. I made it because, living most of my time on the west coast, I miss having the local flavors I grew up on."

Check the sauces out here.

Retail Price: DJ Paul's Smoked Out BBQ Sauce. 18.5 oz for $8.99

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown BBQ Sauce Website

The Boston bred "My Prerogative" singing Bobby Brown spent a great deal of time in the kitchen with his mother when he was growing up, so cooking, much like singing, was second nature to him. Bobby Brown Foods, the name of his line, carries two BBQ Sauces. His Original BBQ Sauce comes with a warning, "Bobby is known to always have a kick of spice in his food. So be warned, this is not your ordinary Original BBQ sauce. Bobby's unique blend of cool and spicy peppers blended with garlic, onion, and other herbs shines through in a clean and crisp flavor." and his Sweet BBQ sauce sounds a bit like a mullet, "Sweet on the front and spicy on the back, this sauce will become a go-to on your ribs and chicken."

The previously troubled singer has found a positive outlet, sharing his ability to cook with the masses, and will soon be teaching us how to cook, too. "There will be a cookbook where you can use my spices and my sauces to create the dishes that I make," says Brown.

Check the sauces out here.

Retail Price: Bobby's Original BBQ Sauce and Bobby's Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce. Each 18 oz bottle for $5.99

Britney Spears

Britney Spears BBQ Sauce Endorsement

Although this southern born pop singer doesn't have her own line of sauces, she did appear in a BBQ sauce commercial before making it big. Check out the pint-sized Spears in this Maull's barbecue sauce commercial which aired in 1993. She was only 12 at the time.